In large deals, process wins.

Is your team ready to capture the value you deserve?

3 Most Common Large Deal Mistakes

The following scenarios show suppliers discounting the positions they hold today in order to keep them for tomorrow. This is called Profit Leakage.

Maximize Value


“Negotiate hard, but don’t lose any business”

Optimize Leverage


“If we don’t match competition, we will lose the business.”

Negotiate to Win


“Let’s discount our position now and avoid an RFP”

Velo Logo

Deal readiness as a service.

Delivers an average of 440 basis points
profit improvement to over 450 customers.

Process Centered Methodology

A structured process which assures world-class negotiation readiness for each supply side deal team regardless of the industry or situation.

Customized to Each Deal

Scenario-based negotiation playbooks tested over 100’s of negotiations with cumulative value exceeding $10B/yr. revenue.

Comprehensive Toolkit

A comprehensive set of contextual and quantitative tools enabling each deal team to capture the fair share of value your business deserves.

Velo rescues profit that is most at risk to be lost at the negotiation table.

Eliminate Price Leakage

  • Achieve profit-maximizing pricing
  • Avoid unwarranted discounts
  • Defend competitors with value
  • Deflect procurement-driven price tactics (should-cost modeling, risky formula / index price adjustment models, etc.)

De-Risk Volume Loss

  • Prevent or minimize threatened loss of business
  • Achieve the share-of-wallet you want and deserve

Optimize Mix

  • High grade the product mix retained/gained relative to competition
  • Achieve growth through successful, targeted customer co-creation
  • Deliver on the promise of innovation through collaboration

Cash Conversion

  • Minimize & deflect procurement-driven efforts extend payment terms
  • Maximize cash conversion through achievement of equitable order lead-time and finished goods inventory and stocking arrangements
  • Minimize risk of dead-stock and returned goods write downs by achieving fair and equitable fulfillment conditions and terms

Executive Foresight

  • Prevent/eliminate “white horse syndrome” (intentional efforts by buyers to draw supplier CxO’s to the fight)
  • Position executive suite to direct, guide and approve/reject negotiated outcomes from the periphery of the negotiation

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