MAY 5, 2020 | Press Release

Manufacturing analytics leader Profit Velocity hires profit guru Brian Sharp as Chief Revenue Officer

Profit Velocity provides a data analytics platform that is disrupting the way manufacturers make decisions on product and customer mix to boost profits. To support ongoing growth, the company has hired industry veteran Brian Sharp as Chief Revenue Officer. Brian will spearhead the company’s sales development efforts and advise clients on how to implement advanced strategies for growing profits.

“We are thrilled to have a renowned expert like Brian join our team,” Profit Velocity CEO Michael Rothschild points out. “Brian is internationally recognized as a profit and growth guru. He has an excellent track record for helping manufacturers leverage analytics to get the most out of their assets, pricing strategies, customer priorities and product mix.”

Prior to joining Profit Velocity, Brian Sharp was the chief architect of dramatic increases in earnings and market capitalization at Sonoco Products and Sealed Air Corporation. He has served on advisory boards for several analytics companies, led large-scale value creation engagements for companies including Bayer, eHarmony and Samsung, and is a sought-after speaker on price and profit improvement, complex negotiations and business transformation.

“Having been a client of Profit Velocity,” Brian explains, “I learned the value of their breakthrough solution first-hand. I’m eager to introduce this incredible platform to a wider range of manufacturing companies. What I especially like is that Profit Velocity’s unique approach offers a timely answer for companies facing today’s daunting challenges.”

Profit Velocity is the first data analytics company to enable manufacturers to precisely measure the profit per hour they generate for each product and customer. By integrating data from disparate systems, the company’s platform allows management teams to run ‘what if’ scenarios to see how they can adjust commercial and operational tactics to grow profits. By unifying the way companies measure profitability, Profit Velocity software enables cross-functional teams to closely align on how they can achieve their full profit potential.

About Profit Velocity

Profit Velocity is a highly specialized provider of time-based profit analytics that enable manufacturers to make smarter operational decisions for growing margin and revenue. The company provides unique analytical support to private equity partners, management consultants, financial consultants, investment bankers and corporate management teams working in complex manufacturing industries.

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