Profit Velocity analyzed the chronic dilemmas complex manufacturers faced and found the solution.

We help you optimize mix management with time-based profit analytics.

Remarkably little time and effort to set up.

Convert existing data into actionable insights to dramatically improve profitability.

See where your best opportunities are and how to capture them.

Profit Velocity’s all-inclusive solution for growing profits.

Within 2-3 weeks, our data analytics platform measures and maximizes profit generation by giving your sales, operations, and finance teams the info they need to optimize product and customer mixes.

Gain A New Perspective on How to Run Operations at Maximum Profitability

Our proprietary technology delivers invaluable insights to management teams, financial consultants, investment bankers, private equity investors and management consultants. We provide decision-makers with an entirely new level of control over how they manage their businesses, empowering them to grow revenue and maximize profits.

Upgrade From Traditional Profit Per Unit Metrics

Profit Velocity pinpoints previously unseen revenue and profit gain opportunities masked by traditional unit margin profit metrics. Our unique time-based profit analysis provides management teams with a remarkably reliable view of what’s coming next – even when several key variables (such as prices, costs, volumes and production rates) are all in flux at the same time.

Achieve Profit Gain Opportunities Faster by Optimizing Your Mix

The combination of our time-based profit analytics and data visualization turns oceans of transaction data into penetrating ‘profit vision’ that highlights specific, achievable profit gain opportunities. Investors and financial analysts tend to grasp our novel time-based approach faster than most accountants and controllers. Why? Because they have to build value quickly to achieve rewarding exits. They know that ‘time is money’ is more than just a saying.

Profit Velocity’s unique insights have proven to be highly valuable for a variety of manufacturers:

  • Auto Parts
  • Building Products
  • Consumer Packaging
  • Electronic Components
  • Food Processing
  • Industrial Parts
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Paper Products
  • Plastic & Rubber
  • Printed Materials
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Textiles & Fabrics

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About Our Founder

About Our Founder

Find out about how Michael Rothchild’s breakthrough book, Bionomics, led him to rethink conventional management accounting and enable genuine breakthrough in business performance.

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