We help you unify your entire team around clearly defined objectives for growing profits.

For performance improvement, we cater to:

Profit Velocity will set up a fully operational analytics platform in just 6 to 8 weeks. This enables you to run ‘what if’ planning scenarios and create a clear strategy that unites your sales, production and finance teams. Once you have your whole team on the same page, you’re able to increase profits by 450 basis points or more in just 12 to 18 months.

It’s not just another data-analysis tool. 

It’s an unprecedented performance-management application.

Manufacturing industry business intelligence tools only allow you to ‘slice and dice’ what happened in the past. Unfortunately, you can’t change history.

If you want to take control of your future, you need to access realistic ‘what if’ planning scenarios that accurately predict the way proposed policy and priority shifts will impact your revenue, profit and utilization before you head in a new direction.

Our interactive, data visualization platform provides the insights you need to drive positive change. By refreshing your data as you go, you’re able to plan, monitor and control performance improvement initiatives more closely than ever. Excel and other planning tools simply can’t compete.

With us, you can:

Start using time-based profit analytics in a matter of weeks.
Model profit performance at any level of granularity – instantly.
Empower your team with colorful, interactive ‘what if’ planning visualizations.

The right metric gets everyone speaking the same language.

By providing a more accurate way to measure and speak about profit, Profit Velocity enables you to overcome long-standing organizational boundaries and begin to make more unified and enlightened decisions. We help:

  • Marketing and sales decide which products to emphasize to grow profit
  • Manufacturing to allocate product volumes to the facilities that will maximize profit
  • Finance to decide which capacity investments will deliver promised returns

A closer look at manufacturing overheads

Other solutions fail to pull together and integrate the data required to accurately calculate your true cost of production. Profit Velocity goes the extra mile to help you access and interpret all of the data you need for each product you manufacture. In so doing, we enable you to look at manufacturing overheads in a far more granular and useful way.

Manufacturing overhead (also known as factory overhead, factory burn or production overhead) is a blanket term for the many indirect costs involved in producing manufactured goods other than the cost of materials and direct labor. It’s essential information for computing your actual speed of profitability.

Manufacturing overheads can include:

  • Selling and administrative expenses
  • Rent on factory buildings
  • Depreciation and property taxes on facilities
  • Maintenance costs
  • Salaries of managers and supervisors
  • Utilities
  • Indirect factory supplies

Precise answers to your toughest questions.

Our time-based metrics offer astonishing visibility into the profitability of products, customers, market segments and production facilities – even in the most complex manufacturing businesses. This is why we’re able to provide such precise, data-driven answers to your most challenging questions so quickly and definitively.

Product Profitability

Is my manufacturing cost formula optimized? Which products are truly most profitable? How can we get a more profitable mix?

Customer Profitability

Which customers should we grow with? Offer better terms or service? Pull back from?

SKU Rationalization

How can we profitably deliver more customer value without costly SKU proliferation?

Growth Priorities

Which market segments, distribution channels and product groups should we focus on?

New Bid Pricing

When making customer deals, on which product items do we cut, raise or hold price?

Plant Network Tuning

How can we most profitably allocate orders across our network of lines and plants?

New Asset Evaluation

How can we trade off CAPEX investment vs. more profitable use of existing assets?

New Product Investment

How can we simulate profit impact before investing in new product development?

Make vs. Buy

How can we make precise make vs. buy trade-offs for better overall profit?

Profit Modeling

How can we instantly and accurately predict the profit results of alternative scenarios?

Complex manufacturing requires deeper insight.

Profit Velocity is an ideal match for complex manufacturers that produce a wide variety of products for an array of customers from multiple production lines and plants. The more complex the manufacturing enterprise, the greater the upside is that we can uncover beneath all the layers of complexity – layers that conventional analytics can’t penetrate. Our insights also help manufacturers with expensive production assets exploit their best opportunities for revenue and profit growth.

Profit Velocity’s unique insights have proven to be highly valuable for these types of manufacturing companies:

Auto Parts

Building Products

Consumer Packaging

Electronic Components

Extrusion & Injection Molding

Food Processing

Metals Processing



Plastic Parts



Specialty Chemicals


Turn data into your success plan.

After an acquisition, we frequently take on multi-year relationships where we provide ongoing analytics and ‘what if’ simulations that help management teams drive performance-improvement initiatives. Our goal is always to provide the highest return on investment in the briefest possible timeframe.

Profit Analytics Reporting Service

We offer a bespoke reporting suite that’s automatically refreshed with the latest transaction data to help consultants, executives and managers identify opportunities for making mid-course corrections that drive better results.

Advisory Services

We extend advanced analytical support to our consulting partners and clients to assist them in cracking particularly challenging problems.

Technology Access

We provide ongoing ‘hands on’ access to our analytics platform to help management teams do their own time-based analytics, run on-the-fly ‘what if’ planning scenarios and track progress against performance goals.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Understanding the operational changes required to deliver superior investor returns must begin with aligning daily operating metrics with the annual financial results investors want – more profit from the assets within a given period of time.

Decision-makers who supplement the traditional profitability metric of ‘margin per product unit’ with the new metric of ‘profit per asset hour’ gain startling new clarity on the choices they need to make to deliver the results their investors demand. Profit Velocity makes this possible for the first time. Our unique time-based profit metrics help identify hidden pockets of revenue and profit growth potential buried in the mass of previously untamed data.

Private Equity Operating Partners

The best possible way to improve exit strategies.

If you’re developing a reorganization plan or making plant network or product line rationalization decisions, you need a complete understanding of customer and product profitability, asset utilization and your manufacturing cost formula. Unfortunately, conventional management accounting uses aggregated unit-based metrics that ignore the real-world operational constraints that impact customer and product profitability. Profit Velocity can set up our proprietary time-based analytics in a few weeks to get you the information you need. Our data-based insights help our partners design actionable 100-day improvement plans.


We support our consulting partners to provide enhanced due diligence reports that incorporate our proprietary time-based profit analytics. Our new perspective helps investment teams identify specific revenue and EBITDA improvement opportunities (and downside risks) that can become key factors in the investment decision.


We offer our partners a robust platform for the development of meaningful 100-day improvement plans. Our advanced analytics can be used to address a wide array of issues from financially optimized S&OP plans to product and customer mix optimization strategies, plant expansion or consolidation scenarios, and strategic pricing shifts.


We support the work of our consulting partners, investment bankers and management teams as they develop actionable improvement plans and programs that strengthen the case for improved exit valuations.

Management Consultants

Skip the data manipulation drudgery and get insights faster.

When a new engagement is launched, management consultants usually cannot avoid getting bogged down collecting and cleansing the client’s data. They also have to build complex Excel models that can leverage the data to shed light on the client’s business – ideally in sufficient detail to guide improvement programs. Our powerful analytics platform can dramatically expedite this exasperating, resource-intensive process.

Armed with the time-based profitability mapping that Profit Velocity’s platform provides, consultants no longer need to burn precious time and budget trying to gather, clean and interpret data to get a sense of what’s going on deep inside a manufacturing client. Instead, they can spend their time providing valuable insights, sharing actionable advice and building trusted relationships.

C-Level Executives

Fill your plants with ‘Hidden Winners.’

Senior executives who base their policies, priorities and pricing on the accountant’s metric of ‘profit per unit’ (sales price minus production cost per unit) rather than the investor’s metric of ‘profit per time’ face unintended consequences. By vigorously pursuing the margin goal, they are misled into making choices that unintentionally slow revenue flow and reduce profits. Profit Velocity turns this all around. Our analytics platform helps manufacturing executives identify ‘hidden winners’ – previously overlooked products that can vastly improve the bottom line. With our profit-per-time insights guiding their decisions, C-level executives can avoid SKU proliferation and make adjustments that deliver superior results.


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