See how our analytics platform identifies hidden opportunities for growing profit.

Why time-based metrics matter in 60 seconds

Length 1:14

This video shows why adding the element of time is so vital for understanding product costing and profit generation. Only by focusing on profit per machine hour can you determine how to use the same machines to generate more profit.

How we’re helping Stelco maximize profits

Length 3:02

Profit Velocity’s data analytics platform has enabled Stelco to measure margin per machine hour for each of its 8,000+ products generates. This insight helps Stelco’s sales, production and finance teams collaborate more closely and forecast with great precision how to grow profits with changes on the revenue and cost side.

A closer look at Stelco

Length 7:27

Stelco (Steel Company of Canada) wanted to look closely at profitability as part of a larger digital transformation strategy. By implementing Profit Velocity’s data analytics platform,  the company has completely transformed the way it integrates data, performs financial analysis and makes decisions for growing profits.

Mix is the biggest profit lever

Length 5:05

Profit growth expert Brian Sharp shares why effective mix management is so critical for maximizing manufacturing profits. Gain perspective on how to drive full profit potential by examining your product and customer mix.


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