Quick insights. Unparalleled profit potential.

Blink and you’ll miss the install.

There is no complex installation process with Profit Velocity’s data-analytics solution. It’s easy to set up our platform, start capturing the right data and begin gaining invaluable insights. You’ll see the benefits right away, too. In just a few short weeks, you’ll be able to generate extraordinary improvements in the profitability of your operations.

We offer three tiers of service.

And a bigger smile at every level.

We’ve set up our solution in a way that allows you to try it out, get comfortable with it and gradually apply it to more facets of your manufacturing operations. Our three tiers of service allow you to:

  1.     Assess your potential for growing profits
  2.     Identify specific growth opportunities
  3.     Scale our solution for large operations


Tier 1 


Profit Visualizer

(2- to 4-week trial phase)

We begin each engagement by helping you access specific operational data and feed it into our software so that we can determine the profit growth potential of your operations. Once everything is connected, we lead and record a 3-hour interactive work session where we walk you through the finer points of our platform. 

 In a very short timeframe, you will learn how to:


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Visualize the size of prize in terms of both basis point improvement and the actual additional cash you can earn based on your historical transaction data.


Understand underlying tactics for capturing profit opportunities based on incremental changes to your mix strategy.


Make the most of maximization based on our interactive training session and technical guides.


Profit Visualizer

We helped a textile company see in chart form how they could increase profits by 870 basis points. For the first time, company executives could visualize the speed with which all of their products were generating profits. They were amazed to find out that some of the SKUs they thought were successful were actually dragging down their results. They also saw they could shift their focus to a handful of other products that were driving most of their profits. 

Tier 2 


Results Driver

(4-week setup + ongoing subscription)


Once you’ve seen what our solutions lets you do, an ongoing SaaS subscription will enable you to leverage our platform to continuously test and implement strategies for growing profits. 

We begin this phase with a two-day work session where we carefully train your power users on how to run ‘what if’ profit-growth scenarios. Your team will learn what a huge impact you can have on profits with just small changes in your mix management strategy and minute adjustments to the production cost, throughput speed, volume and pricing of your products.

Identifying your real opportunity

We help you get up to speed quickly in this phase by:

  •       Refining your configuration to suit your needs
  •       Onboarding staff and training power users
  •       Establishing project management priorities
  •       Pinpointing 5 to 10 opportunities for driving results

Maximizing your actual benefit

Your Profit Velocity SaaS subscription comes with everything you need to be successful, including: 

  •       Unlimited seats
  •       Secure hosting
  •       Frequent data refreshes
  •       Regular software updates
  •       24/7 support


Results Driver

A metal processing plant has increased profits by $2.7 million dollars since implementing our SaaS analytics platform three years ago. Based on ‘what if’ planning scenarios, they were able to grow sales for a number of key product lines by reducing their pricing. They increased profits for several others by increasing production speeds. And their new mix strategy led to the elimination of over 25 products that were not profitable.

Tier 3 


Mega Manager

(ongoing support)

With larger manufacturing operations, often 50% of all revenue is driven by one customer. Large deals like these tend to have massive inefficiencies built into them. That’s where our analytics platform and keen understanding of deal-making and mix plays come in. 

Big stakes call for big guns

Profit Velocity has partnered with Pricefx – the world’s leading data analytics pricing company – to offer a one-of-a-kind solution for manufacturers with extra-large client agreements.

Together with Pricefx, we help you apply incredibly advanced analytics for optimizing your pricing and profitability. We also play an advisory role, sharing our deep experience and invaluable insights with you at every turn. 

Our unique partnership empowers you to vastly improve your bottom line by addressing inefficiencies and resolving contract issues. This expertise can be particularly helpful when you are facing episodic pricing events with your client or your ongoing contract with them is in any way on the line. 

Did someone say war room sessions?

Having the chance to collaborate with a team of experts and access the most advanced analytics can make all the difference in the world when you are trying to manage a large deal with one of your customers. During our two-day sessions, we will:

  • Offer an outside-in perspective from expert deal coaches
  • Galvanize your cross-functional account team
  • Help you visualize differential value and gain leverage for growth
  • Apply scenario-based playbooks that help you increase profits
  • Identify mix plays during your current contract and before the ‘next deal’


Mega Manager

We worked closely with a large contract packaging company over the course of 15 months to help them grow profits they were generating from a contract with a leading candy company by $3.7 million. By shifting production to other facilities and increasing run times for certain high volume products, the company was able to increase the speed at which it was generating profits. They were also able to negotiate a two-year extension at the end of their contract. 

Find out more about what Profit Velocity offers

By now, you should be familiar with how the Profit Velocity data analytics platform helps manufacturers identify sources of hidden manufacturing profit and grow profits by 450 basis points or more. To find out more about how we do this, have a look at these resources:

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