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Our new eBook shows you why the speed with which your products generate profits is so significant to your bottom line and your return on assets (ROA). It also shows you how an advanced profitability analysis can help you identify new profit opportunities that you never realized existed.

Our eBook outlines a unique method of measuring profitability based on profit per hour – a far more advanced metric than profit per unit. It’s a proven approach that will help you increase your manufacturing profits by 450 basis points or more. Our report provides insights on how to:


Identify profit opportunities that lay hidden in your data with a new type of profitability analysis


Make simple product mix adjustments that will yield large profit margin gains


Dramatically increase shareholder value and return on assets


Align the goals of your finance, production and sales teams based on profit per hour

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Why time-based metrics matter in 60 seconds

This video shows why adding the element of time is so vital for understanding product costing and profit generation. Only by focusing on profit per machine hour can you determine how to use the same machines to generate more profit.